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Barsana Monastery Bran Castle Danube Delta Peles Castle Sibiu Old Town

Why Romania? 10 reasons for a private tour in Romania!

1. Romania has some of the most amazing HISTORIC SITES in the world, some of them being already Unesco World Heritage Sites. The history of over 2000 years of the Romanian people takes so many amazing shapes, offering a great variety of a culture located between the Orient and the Occident. That’s why here you can admire beautiful castles, fortresses, palaces and amazing cities, everything covered in legends and incredible myths.

2. THE LANDSCAPES in Romania are stoning, the nature being very generous with this country. The Carpathian Mountains hide very scenic places like Bicaz Gorges, Borgo Pass, Jiu Valley, Olt Valley, Prislop Pass and many others. Add here the Danube Delta, the third largest ecosystem in the world, where over 400 species of birds live in a wild place, untouched by the modern times or by the human’s hands.

3. ROMANIA'S COUNTRYSIDE stays very well preserved in certain regions like Bucovina, Sibiu, Danube Delta and especially Maramures. A trip along the Romanian countryside is a revelation, a chance to turn back the time and to discover a legendary lifestyle and different items more typical for the museums. The Romanian peasants have preserved very well the traditions and the ancestral way of working the land using the old classic tools, but also the typical costumes, transmitted over generations.

4. THE TRADITIONS represent the greatest treasure of the Romanian culture and they are carefully preserved and transmitted by the parents to the children. The pottery, the wood carving, the egg painting, the costumes, the local holidays and festivals reveal the rich culture and the skills of the locals, but also their pride of being the only ones who know the secret of the art. Old workshops and crafts represent the heart of most of the Romanian villages and the items made there combine the most important dimensions of the peasant’s life: culture, art, traditions and religion.

5. THE ARCHITECTURE offers an incredible variety, crossing many centuries and many different influences. Romania is the place where you can find the perfect combination of Gothic, Baroque, Byzantine, Bavarian, Art Nouveau with local elements. It’s not a simple coincidence the fact that the capital was called The Little Paris, Brasov – The Little Prague and it’s not even a surprise that some of the most beautiful Gothic or Byzantine churches are located in Romania. For all these amazing sites, the most skillful Romanian architects have worked together with some of the most famous European architects leaving behind a very complex masterpiece.

6. THE VARIETY is the word to define Romania. In everything that you see in this country there is a subtle mixture taking various shapes in every region of it. There is a great variety of landscapes, of architecture of culture and religion, that’s why, every time you cross the Carpathian mountains from north to south or from west to east, everything changes except for Romanian spirit, kept intact in spite of all the interactions with other nationalities and other cultures. All the variety is typical for the very complex Romanian spirit!

7. Romania is also the country of the GREAT MUSEUMS, reflecting all the dimensions of the Romanian spirit from the oldest times till now. The art, the religion, the traditions, the history are living in the every day life of the people and in a centered way in the numerous museums all over the country. From the large and complex museums located in the most important cities to the small but interesting museums from the villages, the essence of the Romanian spirit can be found in each of them.

8. THE MEDIEVAL TOWNS like Sibiu, Brasov, Sighisoara represent one of the main attractions of Romania. Each one has a history longer than 700 hundred years but the time didn’t manage to change them too much. Sibiu, the center of the medieval Saxon civilization, was the European Capital of the Culture in 2007 and it was chosen for this event for the great cultural heritage, but also for its particular beauty, revealed even more after all the restoration works. Sighisoara, one of the largest medieval fortresses in Europe is still inhabited and it’s the medieval town the best preserved in Romania, and Brasov, the town with the largest gothic cathedral of South-Eastern Europe, brings back the old flavor of the central European towns.

9. The Romanian people have kept the Latin temper, being one of the most FRIENDLY AND HOSPITABLE PEOPLE in the world. In spite of the heavy past, reflected in many wars and oppression, the Romanians found back the smile and the hope which they want to share with the visitors. The Romanians have amazing stories, a result of their great life experience, great food and awesome drinks (wines and different home made natural brandies), everything to create the most comfortable atmosphere for themselves and for the visitors. One of the greatest qualities of a trip to Romania is to discover the secrets of the magic culture and the wondrous traditions revealed actually by the locals themselves.

10. You have to add one more ingredient and you’ll find the trip to Romania as the perfect trip. Comparing to most of the European countries, Romania stays as one of the most UNEXPENSIVE DESTINATIONS! Private Tours Romania knows best the secret of an attractive trip, that’s why we have worked very hard to combine the most complex tours, the best guiding, transportation and accommodation services with a correct and tempting price. You just have to check the offers on our website and you’ll be immediately persuaded to come and discover yourselves this fabulous place called ROMANIA!