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Barsana Monastery Bran Castle Danube Delta Peles Castle Sibiu Old Town

About Us

Private Tours Romania is an online company, founded by two experienced tour guides in Romania who want to share with you some of the most fascinating stories about the historic sites, nature, architecture, religion and way of life of this wonderful people from South Eastern Europe. Therefore, the most of our tours are cultural tours, designed to bring you a new perspective over the mentality and the history of this part of Europe, which was closed to the foreigners for about half of century because of the communist oppression.


Our tours are the result of a permanent analysis of the cultural heritage of the country correlated to the interest of our visitors. That’s why we combine the major points of interest known world wide with the typical local flavor given by the exquisite places, where the history and the traditional art continue to live over the centuries.


We’ve learned the importance of a trip for each of our customers and we want to use it for your benefit. For us, your trip is our top priority and we carefully look after each detail to offer you the best vacation and unique experience. We know that traveling, for the young people is a part of their education, for the seniors, a part of their experience.


Our comprehensive analysis involves not only the rich cultural patrimony of Romania but all the aspects that turn a trip into a memorable experience: hotels, guides, vehicles, cultural interactions and exchanges. We don’t sell just high standards trips, what we do is lot beyond it, because for us, the tourism is not just a simple business: we work for our customers and together with them, to understand their needs and their expectations. We’ve created the customized tours section on our web site to give you the link to the trip that you dream of. We take in consideration all the suggestions and we do our best to design the best tailor made tour for an affordable price.


Our tourists come from all the corners of the world, especially from America, Europe and Australia and from each one we’ve learned how to combine our offer to every client’s demanding. What you have to do is to contact and give us brief information about your plans and points of interest and we’ll use all our resources to design your tour.


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Private Tours Romania Team