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Barsana Monastery Bran Castle Danube Delta Peles Castle Sibiu Old Town

Romania Tours and Vacations

Welcome to!  Are you planning to visit Romania? For 2018 we have designed several new and more customizable tours of Romania and many other adventures 


Touring Romania and Bulgaria is now much easier and attractive for you. You can explore regions such as Transylvania, Bucovina, Maramures as well as the the Black Sea Coast and the magnificent and unique Danube Delta.

Why Romania? 10 reasons for a private tour in Romania!

Romania, like the entire Eastern Europe, isn`t known yet world wide as it should be, mostly because of the closure behind the Iron Cortine for almost half century. Despite this heavy legacy, Romania is still a surprising country and it deserves the attention of the tourists.


We want to prove it, that's why we have found several arguments for your vacation to Romania and we`ll share with you some of them. In addition to these arguments, the knowledge, the professionalism and the enthusiasm of our travel agents and tour guides are more reasons for you to have an amazing trip and a memorable experience .

Our customised tours of Romania, the Bucharest tour,  The Dracula tour or our specialized tours will guarantee for you a perfect vacation to Romania.



This is the best option for you, from all Transylvania tours, to see and discover the most beautiful cities, castles, churches and monasteries from Romania and to get in contact with the culture, the traditions, the past and the present of the Romanians from different regions of the country.


To be transfered from the airport to the hotel or back, don't hesitate to contact us. offers you high quality trasportation services with best cars and english speaking drivers and tour guides, 24 hours a day.

City Tours and City Breaks offers you several ways to visit Bucharest and other famous sites nearby.

Depending on your alocated time or budget, we offer you options of city tours from 2 to 6 hours and trips outside Bucharest for an entire day or for a whole weekend.

Specialized Private Tours
Check here the variety of our specialized tours, designed to satisfy a wide range of demands and tastes.

Our tours are designed to turn to your profit all the aspects of Romania - local traditions, Romanian wineries, traditional architecture, traditional Romanian music and dances  -  that can be seen in different ways: classic tours by car, or adventure tours on bikes or motorcycles.

Private Tours Extensions
You can extend your vacation to Romania, or to another country in Eastern Europe, adding to your basic tour one or more extension-packages from the list.


The Danube Delta, the tour of Bulgaria extension or the Hungary extension.